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Putting this right out there, we don’t have a public phone number. Due to the excessive amount of requests asking for holds and stock levels we had to discontinue that access to keep our shop moving. With that said, we are pretty quick to answer your questions via email! Fill out our form here, your message will get filtered to the best person for the job and they will be in touch ASAP! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 FYI: We do not ship our desserts. We appreciate getting so many email requests but mail order Cookies & Cake isn't our thing, no matter how much you're willing to pay. Thank you!

  • Please Note: Gideon's does not have a phone in our busy shops so any product and order related questions will be answered via email.
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Pre-Order Terms & Conditions

Refunds and Returns: Since all of our preorder items are handmade to order, we do not offer refunds or returns unless you can show us that we made an error with your order. Notice for mistakes must be provided within 24 hours of purchase. There are no refunds on unclaimed Cake preorders. If you need to cancel, we require at least a 48-hour notice.


Purchasing Agreement: Users purchasing items from any location and at will not distribute, resell, or otherwise commercially use our baked goods, name, or likeness without the express written consent of Gideon’s Bakehouse. Gideon’s Bakehouse has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Our desserts are exclusively intended for customers purchasing directly from Gideon’s Bakehouse locations and may not be used for resale or shipping. By completing a purchase, you agree to abide by our liquidated damages provision, which will be enforced on all parties who violate this policy.


Liquidated Damages: In the case of resale, or attempted resale, of Gideon’s Bakehouse’s desserts (the “Goods”) by a Customer or any of its agents, assigns, or affiliates, with respect to this or any future transaction(s), the customer agrees that Gideon’s Bakehouse’s (“Gideon’s”) damages resulting therefrom, are substantial, but will be impractical to calculate. Therefore, in the event of resale, the customer agrees and guarantees that they will pay a legal monetary penalty of no less than three (3) times the fee or profit that the Gideon’s should have received in such transactions, by or from the persons or entities engaged in the resale for each occurrence.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: The Customer agrees that Gideon’s Bakehouse is entitled to damages totaling no less than the amount of three (3) times the actual and/or anticipated profit loss. By accepting receipt of these Goods, Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that said damages shall be subject to an immediate Judgement entered by a court solely on the basis of this agreement, without a trial, hearing, or responsive motion. The customer hereto expressly acknowledges the right of Gideon’s to obtain an emergency injunction preventing the customer from collecting the proceeds that flow from the resale. The customer expressly agrees to, and waive, any and all rights to contest the formation of a constructive trust into which Gideon’s fees shall be placed, pending the outcome of any legal action taken by Gideon’s Bakehouse. These civil remedies shall be available to Gideon’s, in addition to any other means of collection available to Gideon’s under Florida law. It is further acknowledged that Gideon’s shall be entitled to an automatic lien on any and all proceeds that are due and owning to the customer pursuant to the resale to satisfy any judgment entered pursuant to this provision.

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