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Get In Touch with Gideon’s

Putting this right out there, we don’t have a public phone number. Due to the excessive amount of requests asking for holds and stock levels we had to discontinue that access to keep our shop moving. With that said, we are pretty quick to answer your questions via email! Fill out our form here, your message will get filtered to the best person for the job and they will be in touch within 24 business hours!

  • Please Note: Gideon's does not have a phone in our little shop so any product and order related questions will be answered via email.

Common Questions,
aka the FAQ!

We do things a little differently at Gideon's, and we know you have questions. Here's a bunch we hear throughout our days. We hope it helps! If we miss something, hit that "Contact Us" section via that upper right menu.

How to Preorder Online!

To keep us from selling out too fast, we have a strict limit of 6 Cookies per paying customer (sorry, infants don’t count) at our counter. However, you can preorder 6 or more Cookies via our website! That’s where you are right now! Why would you want to do this?


It’s a triple benefit!

  1. You can have as many as you want!
  2. You don’t have to wait in line! All Preorders are prepaid so you can grab and go unless you want to purchase items in addition to your preorder.
  3. You don’t have to worry about favorite items disappearing before you arrive.

Special orders are available for pickup at our East End Market location. We do not ship, cater, or deliver.


Minimum quantity for preorders

  • 1/2 dozen Cookies
  • 1 dozen Cookie Bites
  • Whole Cakes (sorry, slices are first come first serve)


Other preorder things to note

  • We require 72-hour notice on all items. For orders over 100 Cookies and/or you have unique packaging needs, please email us at [email protected] or use the contact page here to be sure we can fit it in for your required date.
  • Preorder spaces per day are limited, so don’t wait until the last minute if you can manage, especially around the holidays.
  • Our items are not available Vegan or Gluten Free. Please be aware that our products are crafted alongside items containing gluten, nuts, and dairy.
  • Gideon’s Bakehouse does not offer custom items, custom cakes, or wedding cakes. Previous Limited Edition items can not be preordered at any quantity. Due to the decoration on our cakes, we do not offer writing like “Happy Birthday …” or the like.

More FAQs Just For You!

How can I best store my goodies?

Our products are scratch-made and free from nasty preservatives.  They are designed to be enjoyed as close as possible to the day of purchase.  However, if you must store beyond the purchase date here are some tips!


  • Cookies: For short term storage, we recommend an airtight container. For long term storage, we recommend the freezer. When ready to eat, just let them sit at room temperature for 2 hours on average and serve! Do not forcibly reheat them in an oven or microwave. We will know, and we might lecture you during your next visit!
  • Bites: Cookie Bites are fully encased in chocolate, which keeps them nicely preserved without much assistance needed. For more long term storage, just keep them in an airtight container and eat those lovely little creatures!
  • Cakes: Please keep the Red Velvet and Key Lime Cake refrigerated until serving. For our Chocolate Cakes, they are best left cold until about 2-3 hours before serving. Our cakes are extraordinarily soft and easier to cut when still a bit firm from refrigeration. With all of our cakes, we don’t use any preservatives. The buttercream on all cakes will start to break down at full room temp so handle accordingly.


Do you offer gluten-free or vegan?

Sorry, no, we do not. For the best vegan desserts around, we suggest you visit our friends at They do fantastic work, and we don’t want to take a penny away from the beautiful business they are building! Vegan friends! Support Valhalla!


I have some allergies. What do you use?

All of our products contain Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, and in some flavors, Nuts. They are prepared in a kitchen where all items love and work together. Protection against cross-contamination can not be guaranteed.


Do you offer custom items? Can we get Cookies without the salt?

Sorry, no. We don’t customize our items in any way, especially with the salt. It’s a part of who we are and an essential ingredient to our intended flavor profile! Salt is crucial in all baking!


Are your Cookies baked? Mine seems raw in the middle.

Yes! Our Cookies are fully baked but intended to mimic the best parts of cookie dough as you munch to that center. This is partly what makes our Cookies so unique, and it is tricky to pull off. If you knew our secrets, you would understand.


Do you have nutritional info?

Sorry, no. That isn’t required at our current stage of growth so we haven’t broken it down. The good about our Cookies and Cakes, we don’t use a lot of sugar. The not as good? We use a lot of butter! Please think of each Cookie as four servings and Cookie responsibly.


What’s with the limit? Why don’t you make more Cookies?

It’s not so much a matter of production (though our Cookies are genuinely handmade and very labor-intensive) but rather a matter of storage. Our locations can only store so many Cookies per day, and the limit helps us control and balance our hourly output. Despite our Cookies being almost 1/2 pound each, you’d be surprised how many people come in wanting 50+ Cookies for their meetings, parties, etc. We want to make sure as many people as possible each day get to try our desserts. The limit is our way of being equal and fair to all.


Do you ship or deliver?

We do not ship or deliver our baked goods and have no plans to do so. Our products are not designed for shipping and the demand at our physical locations is too high to allow for external sales. Also, we can’t control your potential first Gideon’s experience through the mail, and we don’t like that. We fully discourage shipping but, for private use, we can’t stop you so here are a few tips for those who dare.  At checkout choose “Single Bag” packaging.  Without the restraints of our box sizes, this makes it easier to pack in any size shipping box.  Throw in a cold pack during those hot Florida days and some packing peanuts or bubble wrap.  Most importantly, we recommend overnighting our Cookies for the best experience but, be warned; it’s expensive. Our Cookies are HEAVY!


Do you offer whole cakes available without preorder?

No, we do not. We only sell slices in our storefront. Whole cakes made to order only with a 72-hour notice.


Can I preorder and pick up on the same day?

The most frequent email we get is from customers asking for an exception to the 72-hour preorder notice and pick up the same or next day. I’m sorry, this is not possible. Our unique Cookie and Cakes take 24 hours minimum to prepare. We need time to build your order into our schedule. Preorders are only available via this website, which is scientifically engineered to prohibit early pickup.


Do you offer bulk pricing?

We do not.


Do you wholesale?

We do not.


How About Resell?

That’s a bigger no.  By Preordering our Cookies through our website you agree to not resell our products for 3rd party local sales, use, or shipping.  We’re really grateful that so many people are looking for ways to get our Cookies shipped but we’re extremely protective over our product quality and user experience and will take action if we see resale happening.  It’s pretty serious stuff for us.


Can we use Gideon’s for our wedding?

Congrats on your big day, and thank you for wanting us to be involved! We do not cater events, but you can preorder items for your wedding for pickup. While we don’t offer custom wedding cakes, our standard cakes have been popular for those preferring a simple wedding. If you plan on having a dessert table, our Cookies are always a big hit, and our Cookie Bites (quartered cookies dipped in chocolate) are even better! Take a look over our Menu and place a preorder today! Contact us via the contact page on the menu with questions!


Will you open up a shop in my town and do you franchise?

We’re not into world domination, but we are looking to grow a bit in the coming years. Keep an eye out because we’re working behind the scenes to develop in ways we can manage as a small team, and that makes sense for our creative desires.

As for franchising, we are very privately owned. One owner. No Investors. No Partners. Steve is a single owner and this business is super private and personal to him. He started Gideon’s with $800 bucks and a recipe that took 15 years to perfect. We’re just trying to make our own way in life and enjoy the experience.


What’s the deal with the no phone thing, honestly?

I know, right? It might seem odd, but due to a high volume of calls asking if we will hold Cookies (pro tip – we don’t without 72-hour preorder), we no longer have a public phone number. It’s crazy distracting in our little bakery. For order inquires, drop us an email or use our website preorder page. Check Instagram to see if we’ve sold out for the day. We post if everything is gone unless it’s the final hour of the day.


Will you ever have a rewards program?

Not in the traditional sense. We’re not very traditional. However, we do have something fun in the works and fair warning; even once it is active, we’re not going to tell you what you get with your rewards. Secret anticipation!


Do you ever have any sales?

No. If you don’t mind us giving you a little business talk, our Cookie isn’t high profit. The average in the food industry is a 300% markup, and we’re not anywhere close to that due to our almost 1/2 pound per Cookie, the massive amount of premium ingredients, and tons of labor that go into making a single Cookie. We try to keep our prices as low as possible all the time as we are blessed with the demand for high volume, and, when you think about it, it’s a great value. By the pound, we’re certainly the best-valued dessert in all the land.


Is the Gideon story real?

It is genuine. Steve, the creator of Gideon’s, loves old books and bought a collection of books at an estate sale back in the early 2000s. In that purchase was the cookbook filled with writing and doodles with the Gideon name scribbled on the back. We look like an old victorian bakery paying tribute to the print date of the book, 1898, and answering the question, “What would that creepy little kid’s bakery look like!?”.


What should I know about my first visit?

  • We have a strict limit of 6 Cookies without preorder. This allows us to get our cookies into more hands each day.
  • At the East End Market, we sell out daily, and your most extensive selection of offerings will be available earlier in the day.
  • We offer 6 Cookie flavors daily that are listed under the “AVAILABLE COOKIES” Section on our website menu. Certain items might have special days, like Candied Walnut Wednesday at East End Market!
  • Cake Slice selections are random each day. We usually offer 2 to 3 cake flavors as slices daily.
  • We will post on our Social Media if the East End Market location sells out before the final hour of the day. Coming in the last hour is always risky.
  • Cookie Bites are available randomly when time allows us to prepare them.
  • Gift Certificates are back in stock and only available via in-store purchase for in-store use.
  • We accept cash, card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.
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