Benjamin Falcon Signed Print


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The incredible Benjamin Falcon has landed as this new Limited Art Release! To make it a tiny bit easier, we are offering this gorgeous piece of art as an Open Edition for today only! What does open edition mean? It means if you place an order today (August 1st) the print shall be yours! The edition size will be equal to the number of orders. You have until 11:59 pm tonight to get in your order. 11×14 and signed by art director Michael Reyes, this lovely piece of art will not be available in-stores and will ship in a flat secure envelope.  If you order other merchandise with this item they will ship separately.  Strictly Limited to one per household.


🚨👉🚨 Ships in roughly three weeks. We love you but we’re getting way too many emails from people days after their order asking for a shipping update. Three Weeeeeeeeeeeekssssss! 🚨👈🚨


The Power of Benjamin Falcon


We are all capable of wonderful things, but facing the world alone is enough to stifle greatness. Meet Benjamin Falcon, a true hero if his mind would only allow it. An otherwise skittish and fearful bird lover, Benjamin finds phenomenal strength and courage beneath the cover of his self-made falconry hood. Like the falcon, his hood keeps him calm in dire situations, helping him ward off the evil spirits and demons that haunt his brain.


Shipping is built into the price.  These can not be picked up in-store.  Reach out to us for international shipping inquires.