Bonnie Brae Signed Limited Print


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A perfect companion for those who purchased a Stuart Valencia Print, and glorious as a solo piece of art, the Gideon’s Bakehouse Gallery offers another new release! Each high-quality art print comes signed by our Gideon’s art director Michael Reyes and measures 11×14 inches. This item will not be available in-stores. It is an open edition collectible artist print that will be on sale right here through September 30th.  THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM AND DOES NOT SHIP UNTIL LATE OCTOBER.  If you order other merchandise with this item they will ship separately.


The Unusual Story of Bonnie Brae

A lifetime ago, a sweet young girl fell with a mysterious illness on her family farm.  Days became weeks, and weeks became months until, sadly, she was laid to rest in the nearby fields.  In her honor, a new variety of lemon tree was planted by her headstone, and its fruit would be given her namesake, Bonnie Brae.  Weeks later, the sprouts began to form.  Bonnie’s father beheld what appeared to be a small hand emerging from the soil.  He reached down to retrieve this curiosity, and, to his astonishment, a figure emerged.  His wonderous daughter had been reborn with the same big blue eyes and playfully mischievous smile perfectly settled in a lemon head.  Cherished by her family, Bonnie lived a happy life on her California farm but always carried the emptiness of feeling different.  “Why did this happen?” and “Are there others out there like me?” she would ask herself each night until, one day, she heard tales of a peculiar Florida boy named Stuart Valencia.  The next day, her adventure began as she headed across the country to Gideon’s Bakehouse.  To be continued … 


Shipping is built into the price.  These can not be picked up in-store.  Only available in the U.S.