Cookie Vom Krampus


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Santa can’t have all the fun!  If you’ve been naughty you need the Cookie Vom Krampus, a Dark Chocolate Andes Mint Delight! All the goodness of our rich and velvety Triple Chocolate Cookie (which is really five kinds of chocolate) with the added bonus of cool and refreshing chopped Andes Mint (which makes it SIX kinds of chocolate)! During the 24 hour process we take to make our Cookies, that mint soaks into every ounce of that almost 1/2 pound ball of chocolate dough creating the perfect chocolate mint experience with every bite! 🚨 DO NOT BOX THIS COOKIE WITH OTHER FLAVORS! Krampus is naughty and will turn everything he touches into mint!


Please be aware, the Cookie Vom Krampus is available only through Christmas Only. If you choose a pickup date in January, we will substitute this Cookie with the Limited for that month.


Minimum of a 6 cookie assortment, 12 cookie bites, or one whole cake for pre-order. Available for local pickup with at least a two calendar day notice.  If you’d like a small order with a faster turnaround, check out our Next Day Order Page!