Gideon’s “Eyes” Decorative Plate


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We love supporting local artists, and the multitalented Cassandra Melena has handcrafted something new just for you. We hope you love the new batch of Gideon’s Bakehouse Decorative Plates! Each plate is hand-pressed and shaped into a gorgeous design. Then the glazing process is carefully created, revealing the iconic Gideon’s “G” in the middle with the all seeing eye around the borders. This is not a mass produced item. Every ceramic plate is painstakingly handmade by Cassandra and will be individual in appearance.  The photos give you an idea of the appearance of your plate and no two plates will look exactly the same.  Microwave safe. To maintain health and longevity in this plate, please hand wash only.


Limited to 5o Pieces. Approximate Size: Height: 1 inch Diameter: 6.25 inches.  Shipping price is included.


These plates are ready to ship this week, but Christmas delivery can not be guaranteed.  To maintain the safety of this item, we will ship any bulky items (like candles) purchased with order separately.