Krampus Candle



The sweet scent of being naughty means you have a Krampus Candle in your home, featuring an ominous black wax! Is it possible to get a perfect chocolate mint aroma out of a candle?  It is now! Is candle wax edible? You’ll want to find out. Good thing these hand-poured candles are free of all harmful chemicals!  Take a little bite.  You choose Krampus so there are no rules for you.  * Don’t take a bite.  It’s a candle. 


Locally poured by our friends at Wash & Wik, the Krampus Candle is small-batch made and contains only simple ingredients. 100% soy wax, a cotton braided wick, and fine fragrance and essential oils. Soy burns remarkably clean and long, about 40 – 50 hours. These candles will not tunnel, and they burn from “edge to edge.” This candle has No Phthalates – No Paraffin – No Carcinogens – It’s a safe and clean burn for you and your pets.⁣⁣


10 oz  Matte Black Tumbler. Label stamped with our glorious Krampus Label. Be sure to look for candle care instructions on the bottom of your candle.  USPS Priority Mail is included in the price. In-store candles can not be preordered but can be purchased at the counter.