Maria Velia T-shirt


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Enjoy the beautiful Maria Velia on a T-shirt! Back printed with an ornate “G” up front. I have a feeling that this Limited Edition shirt will go faster than most so don’t delay! They will likely not be reprinted! This shirt is printed on a brand new Gilden Ultra Soft Black T-shirt that we really like. Unisex. True to size.


The Concealment of Maria Velia


Revealing our true selves can be a real task. Some hide behind a smile, and others a full mask. Such is the story of Maria, who was born without a face, and now wanders the world struggling to find her place. Each day a new visage in an attempt to be accepted, constantly fighting the fear of being rejected. She will live her masquerade until others can see that who we truly are lies inside of thee. 


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