Monaxia Signed Art Print


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This 11 x 14 piece is limited to 250 pieces and is signed by the art director of Gideon’s Bakehouse, Michael Reyes, on heavy stock archival paper. Ready to ship! All prints come in special flat packaging and will ship separately from any other items on your order. 🚨 LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD! We reserve the right to cancel excess orders.


The Mysterious Monaxia:

Being unique can be a lonely experience, an experience the fair Monaxia knows all too well. Said to be the most beautiful woman in the land, she was cursed with a mane of slithering snakes. Though dazzling in their own right, these nasty locks can turn anyone who gazes her way to stone. As a result, she wanders eternity alone, waiting for the look of true love to break her solitary spell.


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