New Mourning Joe Signed Print


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The 2023 Mourning Joe is a new Limited Edition Print! Our cherished art director, Michael Reyes, has perfectly captured the feeling of Mourning Joe. This 11 x 14 piece is limited to 250 pieces and is signed by the artist. This lovely piece of art will not be available in-stores and will ship in a flat secure envelope.  If you order other merchandise with this item they will ship separately.  Strictly Limited to one per household.


Pour Mourning Joe


An afterlife wandering from grave to grave,
weeping for those who couldn’t be saved.
What helps to break his solemn mood
and fill his heart with gratitude?
When chocolate, coffee, and toffee tastes
mix with teardrops falling from his face.


Shipping is built into the price.  These can not be picked up in-store.  Reach out to us for international shipping inquires.