Stuart Valencia Sunflower Print


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Stuart Valencia returns to Gideon’s Bakehouse, Florida sunflower in hand, and looking for love!  If you missed the Stuart Print last year, now is your chance! This 11 x 14 piece is limited to 200 pieces and is signed by the art director of Gideon’s Bakehouse, Michael Reyes. Limit One Per Household. We will refund any duplicate orders if we see the same address. In stock and ready to ship.  All prints come in special flat packaging and will ship separately from any other items on your order.


Stuart’s Story:

If you’ve never been told that swallowing seeds may cause a tree to grow in you, then let Stuart Valencia’s tale be a cautionary one. As a sickly boy, Stuart was given oranges to bring color back to his deathly pallor. This worked like a charm. Believing you can never get enough of a good thing, he ate entire oranges all day, every day. As the months and years changed, so did Stuart, transforming into the living embodiment of the phrase “You are what you eat.”


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