Thaddeus’ Mysterious Woods Candle


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A wonderful new candle that turns your home into a magical forest with notes of cedarwood, cypress, pine, and smoke.


Locally poured by our friends at Wash & Wik, the Thaddeus’ Candle is small-batch made and contains only simple ingredients. 100% soy wax, a cotton braided wick, and fine fragrance and essential oils. Soy burns remarkably clean and long, about 40 – 50 hours. These candles will not tunnel, and they burn from “edge to edge.” This candle has No Phthalates – No Paraffin – No Carcinogens – It’s a safe and clean burn for you and your pets.⁣⁣


10 oz  Matte Black Tumbler. Label stamped with our lovely Thaddeus Label. Be sure to look for candle care instructions on the bottom of your candle.