The Six Ravens Metal Pin


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Don’t get used to this, but we have another rare Preorder Pin offering with this mysterious Six Ravens Design. Measuring 1.75 inches, this metal pin will be a gem in your growing collection! Trinkets from the world of The Six Ravens are rare at Gideon’s. Get them before they disappear forever, or you may live with regret in your heart. LIMIT 2 PER HOUSEHOLD


🚨 This is a 48 Hour Preorder Item and will not ship for up to two months! All orders placed by November 3rd at 10 am EST will be honored. This item will not be available in stores. It is an online exclusive. Again, this is a Preorder Item! Please refrain from emailing poor Gabriel in a couple of weeks asking for a status update. Up to two months for delivery! Pins have a long turnaround!


🚨 If you order in-stock items along with a preorder, they will ship separately. This item will ship with a free collectible menu that matches what is handed out in stores on the day you place your order.