Valentina Broccha Signed Print


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NEW ART ALERT!! Valentina Broccha holds the deep dark secrets of Valentines Day.  This high quality art piece is strictly limited to 100 pieces and is signed by Gideon’s art director Michael Reyes.  Paper measures 11×14 inches. This item will not be available in-stores and will ship in a flat secure envelope mid February.  If you order other merchandise with this item they will ship separately.




Though the history of Valentine’s Day is somewhat obscured, the story of the first Valentine is not. Well, not to us, at least. You see, ages ago, under harsh Roman rule, lovers were often torn apart and thrown into jail over spiritual beliefs. Such was the case for Valentina Broccha and her beloved fiancé, who was ordered to be executed. When last they locked eyes, he handed a small note to Valentina that read simply, “True love never dies. I am with you always, my Valentine.” But there, in her grief-stricken state, Valentina would learn that eternal love can also carry a curse.


Shipping is built into the price.  These can not be picked up in-store.  Reach out to us for international shipping inquires.