Banana Bread Chocolate Chip


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The Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie is a title that says it all! Enjoy a decadent Vanilla Bean Cookie infused with Bananas found in the lost jungles of Southeast Asia by adventurer, explorer and scientist, Dr. Tobias Brimstone. We’ve mixed this flavorful gift with our favorite blend of Chocolates, Candied Walnuts, and finely crushed Banana Chips!  The Bananas are said to hold unique properties that bring good fortune to all who experience their flavor!


Please be aware, the Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookie is available for Preorder at East End only for the month of January. If you choose a pickup date in another month, we will substitute this Cookie with the Limited for that month.


Minimum of a 6 cookie assortment, 12 cookie bites, or one whole cake for pre-order. Available for local pickup with at least a three calendar day notice.  If you need Cookies faster, please use our Next Day Preorder Page the day before they are needed.